Evolve Media Group Adds Lightware MX-FR33L Modular Matrix Frame to Rental Inventory


Evolve Media Group has taken delivery of a Lightware Visual Engineering MX-FR33L Modular Matrix frame for its rental inventory.  This addition is the third Lightware acquisition for Evolve; the company also has two 16x16 Lightware Slim routers.  Its new Lightware MX-FR33L is a 33x33 digital crosspoint router frame with redundant power supplies, built-in control panel and CPU2 processor board.  Lightware U.S.A. is the US distributor for Budapest-based Lightware Visual Engineering products.
With offices in Orlando and Atlanta, Evolve Media Group is a one-stop, high-end video equipment rental company servicing rental and staging firms across the country.
"We rent to other rental companies and to rental and staging companies when they need larger routers for big events - and the 33x33 is a lot of router," says Tyler Mayne at Evolve Media Group.  "Other routers have compatibility issues, but the Lightware products have been solid and solved issues we have had with different router brands.  
"Typically, routers are the brains of a job and have to be well constructed," he notes.  "Lightware routers are very rugged.  We ship gear everywhere, so it has to be well built and ready for the road.  We're very happy with it and have experienced no problems whatsoever."
The MX-FR33L purchased by Evolve is populated entirely with DVI HDCP boards.  The HDCP matrix offers many additional features, including pixel accurate reclocking and a second pixel accurate reclocking chip on the input and output cards to compensate for low or weak signals; an advanced frame detector to show timing parameters of the input signals; and HDCP shut off.  Colorspace conversion is available on the outputs.  Users can set the output mode for HDMI or DVI so the monitor gets a constant bit rate for a cleaner switch between sources.  In addition the DVII-HDCP-IB converts analog inputs to digital HDMI signals and handles HDCP with all the features noted above.
About Lightware U.S.A.
Lightware U.S.A. is the US distributor of professional AV products manufactured by Lightware Visual Engineering in Budapest, Hungary.  For more information on these products, visit www.lightwareUSA.com.