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We'll talk with Eurovision Song Contest's longtime technical director/production manager Ola Melzig about the history of the broadcast, the insane logistics of designing, programming, and rehearsing 42 acts (plus Justin Timberlake), all with a crew of more than 220 professionals onsite. Melzig will touch on the work of set designers Frida Arvidsson and Viktor Brattström, lighting designer Fredrik Jönsson, and video designer Mikki Kunttu as well and discuss specific highlights of the set and lighting rig, as well as specials for some of the acts.

Ola Melzig started as a stagehand, working on locals shows in Stockholm 1989. Taking the long way and advancing to forklift driver, runner, production assistant, lighting tech, backline tech and even catering assistant, he learned the world of productions in detail, and this knowledge has been a great asset to him in what he's doing today. Over the last 10 years, he has production-managed high-profile shows such as the Eurovision Song Contest and The Nobel Prize Awards. He is one of the most renowned and respected production managers in the industry.