Elation Unveils Design Wash LED Zoom Moving Head

LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release)– The new compact Design Wash LED Zoom from Elation Professional is everything a lighting pro could expect in a color wash and more -- and. . .  less. Powered by 108 high-output 3-watt Osram Ostar LEDs (40 red, 28 green, 30 blue, 10 white), which put out up to 400 foot candles at 20’ / 3,900 total lumens, this moving head fixture creates stunning color washes via RGBW blending, allowing you to use your DMX controller to dial up just the right hue for any live show, production, church, nightclub or stage wash application.

It also comes available in a Cool White model, the Design Wash LED Zoom CW, which contains 108 x Cool White 7,500k LEDs.  Providing an extreme output of 8,300 total lumens, the Design Wash LED Zoom CW is ideal for when a bright white light is needed for flood or key lighting at auto shows, exhibition booths and broadcast lighting applications.

But the Design Wash LED Zoom units do more than serve up rich, brilliant colors or bold white light.  Going beyond traditional wash fixtures, they add some very desirable professional features that enhance their versatility, such as a 7°-30° zoom beam angle / 13°-40° field angle that lets you zero in on a performer or area with a sharp, narrow beam, or fade out for wider coverage. 

Plus, when you want to ramp up the visual excitement, the Design Wash LED Zoom provides the tools for doing just that, including a rainbow effect (RGBW model), variable speed strobe (1-18 flashes per second), pulse effect, 0-100% dimming, and 7 amazing built-in programs that run automatically in Sound Active or Stand Alone modes.  Featuring high-speed, wide-ranging Pan (540° or 630°) and Tilt (265°) movement with 16-bit resolution and 9° beam angle, they fill the entire space with rich, smooth color-changing or white-light effects.

The Design Wash LED Zoom also gives lighting pros “more” by being “less.”   It requires less maintenance and consumes less energy than wash fixtures with older-style halogen or discharge lamps, since its long-life Osram LEDs will run for up to 50,000 hours, and it draws just 320 watts of power at maximum use.  At 13.1”L x 8.7”W x 17.5”H/ 332 x 220 x 445 mm, it’s also less bulky than traditional washes of comparable output, allowing it to be set up and transported more efficiently with lower labor costs and smaller spatial requirements.

“Elation developed the Design Wash LED Zoom to provide a reliable, compact, energy-efficient moving head color wash with all the practical features that today’s lighting users need, at a great dollar value,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional.  “One thing everyone is looking for in lighting today is multi-functionality, and the Design Wash LED Zoom certainly delivers this, thanks in part to its zoom feature, while still being able to fit into the budgets of today’s projects. 

“You can use the Design Wash LED Zoom as a wall or stage wash, but then you can also zoom in and highlight an individual performer or object. And being an RGBW fixture, you can use it as a white light or a color-changing effect.  Another thing that adds to the Design Wash LED Zoom’s versatility is its flicker-free operation, which makes it great for TV and film applications, too.   More than just a color wash, it’s really a multi-purpose light.”

The Design Wash LED Zoom also offers multi-functionality in its operating modes.  It can be programmed and controlled via DMX, using 14 channels, or run as a Stand-Alone or Sound-Active effect to its internal programs. For color-washing larger areas, multiple Design Wash LED Zoom units can be linked together in Master-Slave configuration.  The unit features a convenient 4-button control panel with an LCD menu display; 3- and 5-pin DMX connections; and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240V, 50/60 Hz).

Elation is offering several additional options that further enhance the Design Wash LED Zoom’s versatility.  In addition to standard black, it is available in a white painted case standard (RGBW model) that blends in with the décor of many of today’s restaurants, building interiors, hotels, reception halls and houses of worship.  Other optional accessories (sold separately) include a wireless DMX receiver and an E-loader firmware upgrade device.

All models are currently in stock and shipping. Units are designed for indoor applications with an IP20 rating and are CE certified with cETLus approval pending.

For more information, contact Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit www.elationlighting.com