Elation Platinum Beams Radiate Victory At Miami Heat NBA Championship Celebration

MIAMI– (For Immediate Release)-- Along with LeBron James & Co., some other sharp shooters were on hand to ramp up the excitement at the Miami Heat’s NBA championship celebration – Platinum Beam 5Rs from Elation Professional.  Fifty-four of the Elation ACL effects thrust brilliant, hard-edge, fast-moving beams overhead and onto the stage at American Airlines Arena, as the team received its championship rings in front of its most devout fans.

The breathtaking lighting design, which captured the thrill of a hard-fought victory, was created by David McCranie, using gear supplied by Everlast Productions (Dania Beach, FL.

“Elation is honored that our Platinum Beam 5Rs were chosen to light up such a spectacular event as the Heat’s victory celebration,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional.  “The Platinum Beam has been one of our ‘winning’ lights since it was introduced, and we’re proud to have it associated with a team that has won two straight championships. The Platinum Beams were also used during all the home games of the finals, which must have helped bring the Miami Heat good luck on the way to their back-to-back championships!”

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Everlast Productions can be reached at 954-456-7167 or visit www.everlastproductions.com