Elation Platinum Beams Add Kick To ICC Soccer “Life In Color” Halftime Show

MIAMI– (For Immediate Release)– When you combine an international soccer championship final match with one of the world’s most unique live concert experiences, you’ve got a pretty spectacular event. So when you’re lighting up the arena for such an event, you’d better make sure that it’s pretty spectacular too.

Which is precisely why Collyns Stenzel of Advanced Concert Productions, an SFX Company (Miami, FL), turned to Elation Professional’s Platinum Beam 5R ACL moving head effect when he was called on to illuminate the 2013 International Champions Club soccer tournament’s halftime show, featuring Life In Color, at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.  Life In Color (LIC) is a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory phenomenon that fuses high-energy music, art, DJs, dancers, aerial acts and fire effects with its trademark cannons, which deliver the show’s famous “Paint Blast.”  The group performed two shows during the final match between Spain’s Real Madrid and England’s Chelsea teams -- at halftime and during Chelsea’s introduction – as well as a halftime show during the previous day’s semi-finals.

For all three LIC performances, Stenzel chose the Platinum Beam 5R as the signature light.  No stranger to the world of high-profile sports and entertainment, the intense, hard-beam searchlight-like Platinum Beam 5R has been turning heads everywhere -- from Super Bowl Village and the Miami Heat’s NBA Championship celebration, to this summer’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

But the ICC halftime LIC show may very well represent the greatest number of Platinum Beam 5R units ever used together at one event – 102 total!  The units were supplied by The Design Oasis (Davie, FL) and Act Productions (Miami Beach, FL).

“As a beam effect, it was perfect,” said Stenzel.  “They’re great little lights.  I use them on all my tours.  You can’t beat the bang for the buck.”

Along with its brilliant 2.5° ACL beam, which can cut through washes and other background lights, the Platinum Beam 5R offers an abundance of visual effects, including 12 dichroic colors, 8 rotating/indexing gobos, 8-facet rotating prism, and frost filter.  It features advanced Philips MSD Platinum 5R lamp technology, which allows for a very compact design (14.1”L x 13.2”W x 18.5”H/ 358 x 335 x 470mm, 34.2 lbs./ 15.5 kg.) – about half the size of a typical moving head beam with comparable output.

The Platinum Beam 5R’s lightweight, compact design was definitely a huge plus, said Stenzel, considering that 90 of the units were installed around the rim of the upper level of Sun Life Stadium.  “Each light had to be carried upstairs individually – and there were a lot of them!” he commented. “So we were very thankful that they were so lightweight.” The units were installed in 6 banks of 15 lights each.

The remaining 12 Platinum Beams were used to illuminate the DJ booth. DJ Rehab performed during the introduction to Chelsea, while LIC’s own resident DJ, David Solano, was featured at the halftime show.

Stenzel said that the programming of the Platinum Beams was easy, straightforward and effective. “Life In Color had me timecode the lights to their audio.  It was pretty simple to program, because it was all one light – everything was in the timecoding.  The Platinum Beams looked really great in all those numbers.”

Apparently Sun Life Stadium’s management thought so too.  “We got very positive feedback,” said Stenzel.  “They want us to come back and do another for an NFL halftime show.”

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