Elation Launches New Rayzor Q12 LED Wash With Zoom

Elation Professional announces launch of a new versatile moving head in its Rayzor Series of compact and high-speed LED wash luminaires, the Rayzor Q12 Zoom. From colorful wash/beam looks to stunning eye-candy effects, this functional fixture is capable of creating a wide variety of looks for stage and special event applications. It is also an excellent wash and effect light for permanent installations like clubs and other entertainment venues.

The Rayzor Q12 Zoom’s 12 x 15W RGBW LEDs mix a broad range of color shades for powerful shadow-free color washes. Color temperature is variable from 2,700K - 8,000K and colors mix uniform from vibrant saturates across beautiful pastels to authentic warm and cool shades of white. For programming convenience, a variety of color macros are included.

For flexible beam angle adjustments, the Rayzor Q12 Zoom houses an 11-39 degree motorized zoom that is capable of angling wide or extremely tight for high-intensity beam looks. A uniform field of light is maintained throughout the zoom range.

When the mood calls for a bit more dynamism, multiple pixel zone control and chase effects can be incorporated for spectacular eye candy looks. Movement and effects are lightning quick thanks to high-speed 16-bit movement and 3-phase motors, and the beam can be further manipulated via 0-100% dimming and variable strobe.

Amazingly small relative to its output, the Rayzor Q12 Zoom delivers 5,680 lux of output at 2.5m in a compact package for an excellent performance to size ratio. It can also be used in TV and film production thanks to its flicker-free operation.

Its versatility extends to its operation with a variety of programming options available. Standard DMX controllable and RDM ready, the Rayzor Q12 can also operate in master-slave or stand-alone via built-in programs or manually set programs on board. The unit features a full-color menu display with a six-button touch control panel that is 180-degree reversible. Professional grade Neutrik 5-pin DMX in/out and Powercon in/out connections are included as is a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply.

The Rayzor Q12 Zoom offers all the benefits of LED like greater reliability, less maintenance and increased energy efficiency for a lower cost of ownership and its long life 100,000-hour-rated LEDs will rarely if ever need replacing.

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