Cut to the Chase! ADJ’s Pixel Pulse Bar LED Color Strobe/Wash Offers Added Excitement Of 5-Zone Pixel Chase Effects

LOS ANGELES —(For Immediate Release)– ADJ’s new Pixel Pulse Bar will have entertainers and lighting designers thinking “outside the bar” when it comes to visual effects.  Although this linear strobe/wash LED fixture looks like a color bar -- and in fact produces brilliant washes and uplighting effects with 15 x 3-watt 3-in-1 RGB TRI LEDs – it can do so much more.

That’s because the Pixel Pulse Bar comes equipped with the added feature of 5-zone pixel chase effects. Users can highlight five different colors on the fixture and create a striking spectrum of energy-driven chase effects for a thrilling high-velocity lightshow.

As a result of its 5-zone pixel control, the Pixel Pulse Bar allows entertainers and designers to be more creative and gives them the power to enhance and broaden the scope of their lightshows without adding multiple units to their lighting arsenal, said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ.

“The Pixel Pulse Bar is a very unique and versatile LED color strobe/wash fixture because of its ability to create 5-zone pixel chase effects,” said Gonzales.  “It pulses, it washes, it chases. You can do radically different things at different times—depending on what your lighting needs are at any given moment.”

For example, the Pixel Pulse Bar’s extreme flexibility makes it ideal for DJs and clubs who need to set different lighting moods over the course of an evening. You can use the color wash function to create an elegant ambience, say, during a ceremony, cocktails or dinner, then ramp up the energy with fast-paced strobing and a full chasing 5-color pixel-controlled lightshow once the dance floor starts to heat up later on. You can also display the fixture horizontally or vertically, which gives added versatility and better coverage options when the chasing feature is engaged.

Whether used as a wash, strobe or chase effect, the Pixel Pulse Bar will generate rich, brilliant, RGB colors.  Its 3-watt 3-in-1 (red, green and blue) LEDs utilize advanced Tri-Color technology for smoother color blending, more vibrant tones, and the elimination of “fuzzy” RGB shadows.

From a user’s standpoint, the Pixel Pulse Bar is designed to accommodate a full range of applications. The fixture offers DMX-512 operation with three DMX channel modes (1, 4 or 7 channels), and 3-pin and 5-pin DMX In/Out. DMX addressing can be changed on the fly via the 4-button LED display located on the unit. Users can also run the Pixel Pulse Bar in Sound Active Mode using its numerous exciting built-in programs, set up multiple units in a Master/Slave configuration for wider coverage, or operate it remotely with the easy-to-use ADJ UC3 hand-held controller (sold separately).  The unit includes 0-100% dimming, plus strobe and chase speed control.

Maintenance-free and cool-running, the Pixel Pulse Bar’s LEDs have a long life rating and draw just 61 watts at maximum use. The energy-efficient fixture also offers multi-voltage operation: AC 100V–240V, 50/60Hz. Multiple Pixel Pulse Bars (up to 6 units at 120 volts, or up to 10 units at 230 volts) can be daisy-chained together using the IEC AC In/Out connectors located on the rear of each unit.

The Pixel Pulse Bar includes a dual scissor yoke and safety hook, so it’s easy to install the unit securely at virtually any event or establishment. It’s also incredibly easy to transport, weighing only 8 lbs./3.2 kg. and measuring 15.5"L x 7.25"W x 3.5" H/ 388 x 178.5 x 82mm)

The MSRP of the Pixel Pulse Bar is $559.95.

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