Crowdpurr Launch Press Release

Long-time 3D designer, visual effects artist, and software engineer, Ross M. Newton, recently launched a new technology company called Crowdpurr in West Hollywood, California.  Crowdpurr is an advertising-technology and design studio specializing in cutting-edge mass-interactive experiences for live events.

Crowdpurr Interactive 3D Crowd Game

Crowdpurr experiences offer crowds one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge interactive experiences at various types of live events and walk-up attractions.  Through mobile-phone technology, crowds can play real-time 3D animated games with other people in the crowd, post photos and messages to massive social media walls, vote on trivia and crowd polls for rewards, and even vote on what songs and videos play at their event among many other crowd-driven applications.  The technology is designed for advertiser "branded" applications at unique live events, product launches, music festivals, movie theaters, theme parks, and busy foot traffic areas for interactive advertising experiences.

The company has spent the last fourteen months in research and development creating an internal software and server framework that supports thousands of simultaneous users all interacting in real-time in a shared experience at a live event.  The technology is QR-code and web-app driven allowing crowds to use a variety of mobile phone devices without the use of native-apps, app stores, or logins.

Ross M. Newton is Crowdpurr's Founder and Chief Technologist. Ross has an extensive, diverse background in 3D graphics, Internet-based software, and tech-project leadership. His experience ranges from acting as Lead Artist Visual Effects Artist creating high-end visual effects for major-studio feature films like The Green Lantern and The Amazing Spiderman, to serving as Lead Software Engineer developing some of the earliest, classified web-based portal software for the US Department of Defense using the J2EE framework, to designing high-end interactive, 3D touch-screen applications for Fortune 500 clients.

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Crowdpurr Interactive Voting Application