A Creative Investment in Robe LEDWash 600s

Doha, Qatar based, The Creative Communications Group (CCG) has invested in its first Robe moving lights – 48 x LEDWash 600s.

CCG, headed by Jalal Dudin, is one of the leading lighting and sound rental companies in the Gulf region and is renowned for its high quality equipment, crew and service. Over the years, Jalal has invested heavily and regularly in innovative premium brands.

With the massive global success of the LEDWash 600 – Robe’s best-selling product to date - it was only a question of time before this philosophy led Jalal to Robe, where the deal was co-ordinated by Elie Batah, Robe’s Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East, following several demonstrations.

“I needed a good quality LED wash light for rental stock and Robe has the best fixtures,” confirms Jalal, who considered several options before making his choice.

He adds that the LEDWash 600 is now on virtually every technical rider that they are seeing when it comes to specifying a moving LED wash light.

“They are reliable, lightweight, the output is amazing and the wireless functionality is really useful – we have used it many times,” he enthuses.

Almost as soon as the LEDWashes were delivered to CCG in Doha, they went straight out on the 2012 Doha Tribeca Film Festival, where they were spec’d by LD Adam Bassett.

They have also been on many other high profile jobs and CCG is looking at expanding its stock in the near future.