Creative Conners Introduces Spotline Hoist


Creative Conners, Inc. has announced the release of its new Spotline hoist, designed specifically for safe and easy vertical lifting. Powerful and lightweight, this latest addition to the Creative Conners stable of electric machines provides live performances with an affordable plug-and-play automated hoist.

Spotline hoist will join Pushstick winch, Revolver turntable friction drive, and Curtain Call traveler track winch in the company's line of machines, offering a comprehensive solution to theatres, schools and scene shops looking to automate their scenery.

"Our customers have been using our Pushstick winch in combination with a counterweight assist rig to safely handle vertical lifting and elevators, but with Spotline’s built-in safety features, they can skip the counterweight assist and and just rig it,” says Gareth Conner, Founder and President of Creative Conners.

Spotline employs a 5-HP SEW Eurodrive gearmotor offering the capability of lifting 500lbs at 36in/sec, and a Mayr shaft brake provides redundant braking. The hoist has an aluminum frame and uses an 8” grooved aluminum drum for the pick-line. The frame includes 1.5" aluminum pipe for easy mounting with cheeseboroughs to either a pipe batten or a box truss.

Spotline comes ready to plug into a Stagehand motor controller, allowing for complete integration with Spikemark, the Creative Conners computer cueing interface.

Creative Conners, Inc. is located in Warren, RI and makes scenic automation equipment for live performances. For more information, please visit