Creative Conners Deck Chief: Uncomplicated Scenic Motor Control

Recognizing the need for backstage remote operation without a computerized interface, Creative Conners developed the Deck Chief for repeatable motion in many installations such as a trade show booth turntable, a traveler curtain in a theater, a projection screen, school facilities or corporate theatre event with a single motorized effect.  Harnessing the capabilities of the Deck Chief happens on a drastically reduced learning curve.  The Deck Chief’s elegant simplicity presents itself in the intuitive push button interface:   Two invitingly blue buttons for Forward and Reverse movement, traditional red buttons for Stop and Emergency Stop buttons, a 0 - 100 Speed Dial controller, and an easy to use bold white Lockout Switch to ensure authorized use. 


In contrast to its ease of operation, however, the inner complexity of this unadorned scenic automation wonder is evidenced in its robust features:

•Variable Speed

•ETL Listed

•Industrial pushbuttons to start forward and reverse motion

•Inputs for end of travel and slow-down limit switches for repeatable positioning

•Indicator lights for limit switch and drive status

•Emergency stop circuit with SIL-rated components

•High-quality Mitsubishi variable-frequency drive (VFD) for smooth motion and plenty of power


Noting that the safe, affordable, variable-speed, no-frills motor controller is 12” high x 18” tall x 6.75” deep, Gareth Conner elaborates that the vertically mounted Deck Chief is ideal for the backstage environment in which floor space is often at a premium. For additional specifications on the Deck Chief, to quote shipping via the online Estore, or to browse the selection of scenic automation solutions, please visit or contact [email protected] or call (401) 289-2942.


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