CPL Invests In Apprenticeship Scheme

West Midlands UK based technical solutions and video specialist Central Presentations Ltd (CPL) has invested in its first apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with Birmingham based Creative Alliance, and its first apprentice is 16 year old Cameron Preussner who has joined the team at CPL for a hands-on training in ‘Technical Theatre Studies’ (TTS) for the next 12 months.

CPL’s MD Matthew Boyse says, “For some time we been considering the harnessing of fresh new talent at school leaver age rather than after University, with the idea that they can then grow and develop their career at CPL, which offers a diverse range of job opportunities in many specialist fields”.

CPL devised the module-based course that will incorporate all elements of TTS including Audio, Lighting, AV, Project Management, Stage Management, Administration, etc. It’s been designed to offer a basic overview and general training in the many areas of CPL’s business to give Cameron a taste of the industry, and the potential opportunities open to him in the future.

Central to developing the study modules explains Boyse, “Is the idea of giving a properly grounded knowledge and fully practical understanding of the workplace and all the technical and creative elements involved. Everything from the distinctly unglamorous tasks like loading trucks and coiling cables in the warehouse, right up to the more exciting areas like designing, programming and operating equipment at shows and events”.

Cameron’s progress will be assessed every two months and at the end of the course he should have a solid understanding of the production industry, how CPL functions, the importance of teamwork … as well as an awareness of his own aptitudes and interests.

The hope is that he will then join the team at CPL full time at the end of the apprenticeship.

Boyse says, “If this is successful, we will look at doing it again. We are obviously interested in developing a proper recognised qualification and moving forward, expanding the number of young people in the company and training an upcoming generation of technicians, engineers and creatives all sharing our core values and dedication to excellence and the best service”.

He continues that he hopes it will be more than just an introduction to CPL and the industry but also be a chance for personal growth and development in a lively and forward-thinking environment that is using cutting edge technologies in innovative ways.

Cameron does indeed hope to forge a career in technical production, and was initially inspired to look at this aspect of live events seriously through his father who is also in the industry.

“I have always liked events and the technology involved and I think it’s a very cool job! I’m delighted to get this opportunity to be at CPL which has an excellent reputation and has some very skilled and talented people from whom I can learn a lot,” he comments.

Photo shows CPL's Apprentice - Cameron Preussner