Colour Sound Makes Massive New Investment in Robe Moving lights

West London based lighting and visuals rental company Colour Sound Experiment has invested £350,000 in the latest Robe moving lights … to up its stock and service its busy on-going work schedule.

Forty LEDWash 600s, 40 x LEDWash 300s and 35 x MMX Spots, all from Robe’s ROBIN range, have joined Colour Sound’s rental inventory which now features over 250 Robe moving heads … as well as a few hundred more from other brands!

Colour Sound’s Haydn Cruikshank remarked, “These particular Robe fixtures are appearing with increasing frequency on band and LD specs, so we need to have them on board”, adding that they are “Light, bright and excellent value”.

The lights were delivered by Robe UK in Northampton.

Colour Sound has been investing steadily in Robe for about five years. “The fixtures have proved reliable and well-engineered and all the original ones are still going strong” says  Cruickshank, “And believe me, they have undergone some serious hammerings on some events!”

The company has also been making a consistent investment in LED technology in that period, which is becoming increasingly popular as many shows and events are making a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Robe’s LED Washes are reckoned to be the best on the market, which also makes them an ideal cross rental item as they are in constant demand, although with Colour Sound’s current work schedule, the cross rental is more likely to be coming in from the other direction!

Robe’s LEDWash 600 is a super-slim unit with 37 x 10 Watt RGBW multichip LEDs arranged in three concentric rings, together with a 15 – 60 degree motorized zoom, powerful fast strobing and other fabulous features, weighing just 10.6 Kgs.

The LEDWash 300 is a smaller version using 19 x LEDs, and the ROBIN MMX Spot is a discharge fixture with an output similar to most 1200W fixtures. It’s based on the ROBIN design philosophy for smaller-brighter-lighter fixtures with excellent features like its dual graphics wheel and hot-spot lamp control.

Colour Sound is one of the busiest UK rental companies with a lively mix of work in concert touring, music, EDM events, festivals and high end corporate sectors.

The new Robes went into immediate action on a variety of events including Field Day / As One In The Park and Run To The Sun festivals; the 2013 Annual Vodafone Conference in Birmingham; Hospitality at Brixton Academy and on tour with Major Lazer …  as the company kick-started its busiest summer to date.