City Theatrical at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt

City Theatrical will be demonstrating their new technology at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt on April 10-13, 2013, including new SHoW DMX® wireless DMX products, and the new Cognito™ lighting controller from Pathway Connectivity. City Theatrical’s SHoW DMX is the wireless DMX of choice for lighting professionals on Broadway and West End shows, permanent entertainment installations, architectural landmarks, major music tours such as U2 and Madonna, and large scale events such as the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. The newest members of the SHoW DMX family are the SHoW DMX D4™ and SHoW DMX D2™ Dimmers. These are tiny devices (the size of a credit card and 14mm thick) designed for dimming LED tape. The SHoW DMX D4 Dimmer has four outputs with a total capacity of 10A with a maximum of 5A on any one channel. The D2 Dimmer has two outputs and also has a total capacity of 10A with a maximum of 5A on any one channel. Both the D4 and D2 Dimmers are equipped with a SHoW DMX Neo Receiver and are compatible with the entire family of SHoW DMX Neo® products, including the SHoW DMX Neo Transceiver, SHoW DMX SHoW Baby® Transceiver, the PDS-750 TRX™ and PDS-375 TRX™ power/data supplies for Color Kinetics® LED lighting fixtures, and the MasterBlast™ battery powered, wireless LED fixture. The D4 and D2 Dimmers include a user interface to set DMX address and the SHoW DMX broadcast show ID, a variety of user selectable dimming curves and pulse width rates. The Dimmers are also RDM proxys and responders, enabling users to set the DMX address remotely, as well as to monitor radio signal strength and battery information on CTI products from the lighting desk. SHoW DMX D4 and D2 Dimmers were designed to meet the most stringent dimming smoothness demands of professionals and are perfectly smooth with no steppiness at all at even the lowest dimming levels. The small size of these Dimmers also makes them perfect for costume and prop designers to hide on performers or in small spaces. The D4 and D2 Dimmers both are stocked in a wired version as well as the SHoW DMX wireless version. Also being shown is the Cognito lighting controller from Pathway Connectivity. Pathway’s Robert Armstrong will be on the stand to demonstrate this innovative new small lighting console that is perfect for smaller venues and shows. The Cognito utilizes natural language control and a graphical user interface for lighting programming, producing an environment in which even an inexperienced user can quickly learn to program, while still having the rich features a more experience programmer expects. The Cognito console solves the complex task of programming shows for systems that include incandescent dimmers, moving lights and color changing LED fixtures. Cognito is network-ready and features a streamlined user interface to guide you through the process of selecting lights, adjusting their attributes, and recording reference libraries, memories, and cues. Once programmed, the show is played back manually or with sequenced playlists. The Cognito has up to 1024 output channels with no practical limit on the number of memories, cues, or playlists, and its natural language control uses real world terms and values, not channel numbers and DMX values, making operation intuitive for everyone. The built-in fixture library contains over 1,200 commonly available multi-attribute lights from manufacturers worldwide. Context sensitive help is available on every screen by just pushing the “Help” button.