City Theatrical Launches New Ultra-Smooth LED Dimmers

Ultra-Smooth Dimmers for LED Tape


City Theatrical is happy to announce some great new additions to their product line of low voltage dimmers and some changes to the existing low voltage dimmers.


Low voltage dimming has always been used for incandescent lamps in scenery, props, and costumes, and is often paired with City Theatrical’s SHoW DMX® wireless DMX to allow wireless dimming. The real growth in this area today is the dimming of LED tape, which has growing use in all areas of entertainment.  City Theatrical now has an excellent line of 10 products for lighting professionals, and has rebranded the entire group of dimmers to make it more logical to choose which one to use. The dimmers in the new product line are:


D1 Dimmer    A 15A single channel dimmer


D2 Dimmer    A tiny (the size of a credit card and 1/2” thick) two channel dimmer with a capacity of 5A per channel.  Great for props and costumes.


D2 SHoW DMX Neo® Dimmer    A tiny two channel dimmer with a with a capacity of 5A per channel and a built in SHoW DMX Neo Receiver.


D3 Dimmer    A three channel dimmer that can be configured as three 10A, two 15A, or a single 30A dimmer, with a user friendly interface and stand alone modes.


D4 Dimmer    A tiny (the size of a credit card and 1/2” thick) four channel dimmer with a total capacity of 10A.


D4 SHoW DMX Neo® Dimmer   A tiny four channel dimmer with a total capacity of 10A and a built in SHoW DMX Receiver.


D4 HP Dimmer   A very powerful four channel dimmer with a capacity of 10A per channel, and with a built in power supply.  The HP comes in four varieties (12V, 24V, and with terminal blocks or Anderson Connectors)


These products are designed and built by City Theatrical and are the products lighting professionals demand for live theatrical productions, television shows, motion pictures, music tours, and other productions.  These are feature rich products with a lot of set up and operation choices to make installation and operation easier.


All of City Theatrical’s low voltage dimmers feature ultra-smooth dimming curves, especially at the very low end.  If you are dimming LED tape in front of an audience, you need this, as these are the smoothest dimmers you have ever seen!


City Theatrical has a wide range of dimmers for all uses, from tiny dimmers that can be concealed in costumes and props, to high capacity dimmers with built in power supplies to make large installations easy.  Whatever your task, City Theatrical has an ultra-smooth dimmer for you.



About City Theatrical

City Theatrical, Inc., a manufacturer of unique lighting accessories and the winner of 31 product and business awards, has offices in Carlstadt, New Jersey and London, England. Products include the multi award-winning SHoW DMX, accessories for Color Kinetics®, Auto Yoke®, and Lightwright 5™ as well as the world’s most extensive catalog of entertainment and architectural lighting accessories.