Chauvet Professional Lights Miami Dolphins NFL Intro Video

SUNRISE, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins NFL season intro video is full of high-energy glamour and spectacular visuals, courtesy of Chauvet Professional. The Dolphins creative team reached out to Chauvet Professional to design and program their NFL intro video shoot, which features the Dolphins cheerleading squad lit by ten Legend™ 230SR Beam and six Q-Wash 436Z-LED moving heads, 18 Nexus™ 4x4 pixel-mapping wash fixtures, five COLORado Batten 144 Tour linear washes, and five Ovation F-165WW LED fresnels. Chauvet® Professional’s sister brands, Chauvet® DJ and Trusst® contributed six Geyser RGB LED fogger effect units and six truss totems, respectively.
“My main vision behind the Miami Dolphins cheerleader promo shoot was that I wanted to go for something that we’d never done before,” says Ryan Himmel, cinematographer for the Miami Dolphins.  “I wanted to see something really big, I wanted to see it glamorous, I wanted to see it sparkly. I just wanted everyone to look at the screen and just say “WOW!”
Himmel turned to Chauvet Professional for help in the design and execution. In past videos, the scene was always set around the stadium, but this time the team selected the Dol phins’ covered training grounds (called the Bubble), allowing a closed environment to utilize atmospherics provided by CHAUVET Professional’s AMHAZE II arena hazer and CHAUVET DJ’s Geyser RGB for directed fog bursts in the video. In addition to the myriad of fixtures supplied by CHAUVET Professional, a large glittering sign spelling “MIAMI” made the backdrop of the intro video.
Product Manager Mike Graham took a day off from being immersed in product development to act as the lighting designer for the Dolphins’ video shoot. “My idea was to build a runway in front of it by using three different rows using Nexus 4x4s, Legend 230SR Beams, and the Q-Wash 436Z’s to create a sidelight and backlight combination that pushed the cheerleaders away from the background and made them the focal point of the shots,” says Graham. “Working closely with the Dolphins creative team, we
arrived at a design that not only showcased the Dolphins’ cheerleading squad, but gave the creative team the ‘wow’ factor they were trying to achieve.”
The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders intro video can be found here:
The Behind-the-Scenes video of the Dolphins Cheerleaders shoot can be found here:
Full equipment list for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders NFL intro video shoot:
10 x CHAUVET® Professional Legend 230SR Beam
6 x CHAUVET® Professional Q-Wash 436Z LED
5 x CHAUVET® Professional COLORado Batten 144 Tour
5 x CHAUVET® Professional Ovation F-165-WW
18 x CHAUVET® Professional Nexus 4×4
2 x CHAUVET® Professional Amhaze II
1 x CHAUVET® Professional Data Stream 4
8 x CHAUVET® Professional PowerStream 4
6 x CHAUVET® DJ Geyser RGB
1 x CHAUVET® DJ Xpress 512
6 x TRUSST 2-meter sticks
6 x TRUSST 12-inch base plates
6 x TRUSST 30-inch base plates
1 x Arkaos MediaMaster Express
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