Chauvet® Professional Launches Fixtures at InfoComm


SUNRISE, Fla. — Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, housed an extensive selection of already available and new luminaires at its two booths at InfoComm 2013. The new launches included additions to the Ovation™ series of theatrical lights with the Ovation™ C-640FC cyc fixture, two new pixel-mapping luminaires Nexus™ 2x2 and Nexus™ 4x1, the redesigned and upgraded ÉPIX™ Bar 2.0 and ÉPIX™ Strip 2.0, compact and precise COLORado™ 1 Tri-7 Tour, WELL™ Quad-M small battery-powered wash uplighter, COLORado™ Batten Quad-9 IP bright linear wash, COLORdash™ Par Tri-18 VW durable PAR-style wash light and COLORdash™ Batten Quad-12 linear fixture. The booths were built with TRUSST®, backed by Chauvet. ILUMINARC®, Chauvet’s brand of architectural lighting, also featured a variety of interior and exterior lighting solutions.

Ovation™ C-640FCis a great replacement for the widely used halogen cyc fixtures. Equipped with RGBWA LEDs, it can virtually create any color in the gel books while consuming less power than traditional-style fixtures. It’s theatre-ready with 16-bit dimming control (of each color) as well as a master dimmer. Ovation™ C-640FC joins the Ovation™ series of fixtures designed for theater and stage, which includes ellipsoidal-style Ovation™ E-190WW and Fresnel luminaire Ovation™ F-165WW.

Nexus™ 2x2is a 4-cell COB RGB LED fixture designed for building scalable pixel-mapping displays. Combined with Nexus™ 4x4 and Nexus™ 4x1 it builds large geometric displays that aptly demonstrate its pixel-mapping capability and diffuse yet richly saturated colored light. Similar to Nexus™ 2x2, Nexus™ 4x1 also features 4 cells in a linear configuration and is equipped with COB RGB LEDs. Mount to the top and bottom of Nexus™ 4x4 to enlarge its footprint, or link to each other for linear effects. Nexus™ 4x1 is perfect for installation on steps or lining the front of a stage.

COLORado™ Batten Quad-9 IPis a great addition to the COLORado™ series of batten wash lights, differentiated by its bright, 10-watt quad-colored LEDs and IP rating. Delivering over 1,000 lux at 5m, this light can go from a wall washer to direct-view effect fixture for pixel mapping—all with superior color and 16-bit dimming.

COLORado™ 1 Tri-7 Touris the smaller brother to the COLORado™ 1 Tri Tour with half the LEDs. Its design accommodates the need for a precise, road-ready COLORado™, while the 16-bit dimming of each color (and master dimmer) sets it apart from every other light in its class.

WELL™ Quad-Mis a small, lightweight, lithium-ion battery-powered wash uplighter that creates stunning color cross fades and is controlled by Wireless WDMX, Wired DMX, or IR controller. With its single 40-watt RGBA LED and manually tilt adjustment, it’s perfect for uplighting scrims, spandex, or columns in banquet rooms during weddings or corporate events.

ÉPIX™ Bar 2.0is a pixel mapping, one-meter bar that sets up in minutes with minimal technical know-how. Each bar houses 160 tri-colored SMD 5050 LEDs at a pixel pitch of 25 millimeters and features a 120-degree viewing angle. ÉPIX™ Strip 2.0 is a one-meter pixel-mapping strip, also very easy to mount and use. Each strip has 40 tri-colored SMD 5050 LEDs at a 25 mm pixel pitch, and features a 120-degree viewing angle. With multiple control options for both ÉPIX™ Bar 2.0 and ÉPIX™ Strip 2.0 pixel mapping displays are achieved in minutes. The bar and strip lights work seamlessly with each other and can be controlled using the ÉPIX™ Drive 642. The driver controls up to 16 ÉPIX™ Strip 2.0 or four ÉPIX™ Bar 2.0 lights, easily using Art-Net (3.0 compliant) or Arkaos Kling-Net. Configuration and setup are fast, easy with its built-in LCD display. Additionally, you can manage configuration and software updates with a network-based web server.

COLORdash™ Par Tri-18 VWis a compact, durable PAR-style wash light powered by 18 cool and warm white LEDs, for better, purer whites and a color temperature selection that goes from warm and inviting to crisp, cold shades. COLORdash™ Par Tri-18 VW is lightweight and features silent, flicker-free operation. Power linking, as well as 3- and 5-pin DMX connectors simplify connections and setup.

COLORdash™ Batten Quad-12is a linear wash fixture with 12 individually controlled quad-colored RGBA LEDs that produce virtually any variation of white, as well as richly saturated colors, due to the inclusion of amber LEDs. It maintains an even pixel pitch when used in multiples, either stacked in an array using the optional CBB6 bracket or lined up end-to-end. Setup is easy when using the hanging bracket, floor trunnions, 3- and 5-pin DMX connectors, and power linking.