Chauvet® Professional Introduces Legend™ 330SR Spot


SUNRISE, Fla. – CHAUVET Professional has introduced the Legend 330SR Spot, a compact moving head spot fixture whose commanding brightness and crisp gobo projection will make it a standout performer at any concert or live event. Utilizing a powerful 330-watt 8,000K Osram Sirius lamp, this fast-moving unit emits an amazingly robust output for its modest size (16.5 x 15.3 x 26 inches/420 x 390 x 660 mm) -- up to 29,940 lux at 5 meters. Its class-leading brightness, combined with precision optics and an extremely even field of light, will make even the most detailed gobo patterns “pop out” as if in high definition, for truly stunning visual effects.

Beyond brightness and clarity, the Legend 330SR Spot gives lighting designers a palette of tools to fulfill and inspire their creative vision. Its many professional features include CMY color mixing, an 8°-23° zoom, dimmer, iris, shutter/strobe and motorized focus. For added versatility, the Legend 330SR Spot is equipped with a variable frost filter that allows it to do double-duty as a wash-style effect.

Any fixture with the optical excellence to provide ultra-crisp, brilliant gobo projection should make sure this feature gets put to good use – and the Legend 330SR Spot distinguishes itself in this area. The unit boasts a large and carefully chosen collection of on-board gobos, 14 static and 8 rotating. The 8 rotating gobos (4 metal, 4 glass) are indexing and interchangeable, and all 22 gobos can be incorporated into continuous variable-speed scrolling effects. Another standout feature is an 8-facet rotating prism, which, when used with the zoom, produces a strikingly spectacular visual display.

“The Legend 330SR Spot was designed with ‘extras’ that go beyond your typical moving head spot,” said Mike Graham, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional. “For example, its gobos give designers a wide range of options for different applications. There are several small ‘break up’ gobos that provide a greater sense of movement when performers walk through them on stage, and at the same time there are also larger patterns with distinctive shapes designed to create impact when the fixture is used for aerial lighting or projection.

“For superior color mixing, the Legend 330SR Spot utilizes a custom designed CMY color mixing system, in addition to the 7 colors on the color wheel,” added Graham. “Traditionally, it has been very difficult to mix primary colors. Because of the custom formulation we used in the CMY flags, we have been able to select colors which allow you to easily create wide palettes of color, including Red and Green. The incredible output of the SR330 lamp, coupled with its high color temperature, enable it to punch through even the brightest stages. Basically, the Legend 330SR Spot is a fixture that will create added impact on stage – or anywhere it’s used – by giving the designer more brightness and more choices.”

With its brawny output, toolchest of features and compact size, the Legend 330SR Spot is a perfect fixture for touring rigs, concerts, theater or any type of live performance. Its quiet operation also makes it ideal for TV and broadcast lighting applications.

The Legend 330SR Spot can be operated on 21 or 27 DMX channels, and it includes 3- and 5-pin XLR connectors and Neutrik® powerCON® connectors for fast, easy setup. It features quick, precise 540° pan and 270°tilt movement, with automatic pan/tilt correction. Weighing 47.4 pounds (21.5 kg), the unit is CE approved and MET approval pending.



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