CHAUVET Professional Illuminates at LDI 2013 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV — Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, will display a number of new fixtures from several successful lines at this year’s LDI Show in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center. CHAUVET Professional will be exhibiting in Booth # 1141. Offerings this year for the LDI Show include new members to the highly successful COLORado and COLORdash lines, as well as the class-leading Legend and Q-Series series of moving heads. Also debuting on the LDI floor are new additions to the broadcast and concert touring favorite LED display, the Nexus line – the Nexus 1x4, Nexus 2x2, Nexus AW7x7, and Nexus AQ5x5. Visitors to CHAUVET Professional’s booth at this year’s show will also be introduced to new additions to the Ovation LED fixture series, the new LED cyc wash Ovation C640FC and the Ovation F-195WW warm white LED 6” Fresnel, and a new LED strobe series, The STRIKE series, with the STRIKE 324 and STRIKE 882 units.

CHAUVET® Professional Nexus 1x4 and Nexus 2x2 are new additions to the widely popular Nexus series, joining the Nexus 4x4 LED wash fixture. Nexus 1x4 offers one row of four cells of intensely bright COB LED technology coupled with a soft reflector for ultimate performance. Each of Nexus 1x4’s four 20-watt cells offers great rendering from off-axis viewing angles, looks great on camera, and doubles as a pixel-mapping wash fixture with great output and color quality. Both the Nexus 1x4 and the Nexus 2x2, which offers two rows of two cells of COB LED output, are Art-Net, Kling-Net and DMX ready, with on-board power and data linking. The Nexus 1x4, Nexus 2x2, and original Nexus 4x4 offer integrated linking which allows you to create stunning combo arrays of the fixtures.

Stunning new additions to the Nexus line are debuting on the 2013 LDI Show in the form of Nexus AW 7x7 (49 cell) and Nexus AQ 5x5 (25 cell) pixel-mapping narrow beam LED wash panels. The Nexus AW 7x7 WW LED panel wall system is a truly versatile LED system that projects narrow beams of light, provides warm washes, makes instant audience blinders, and displays impactful text and vivid animated graphics. Powerful Cree LEDs partnered with a flexible software system generate stunning pixel mapping effects. A smooth dimming curve with a 2800K color temperature makes it perfect for live events, broadcast, studio, theatre, and touring applications. Also new in the series is Nexus AQ 5x5, a quad- color RGBW mixing LED system projecting narrow beams of light, providing full color mixing washes, all in full RGBW color. Both the Nexus AW and Nexus AQ fixtures offer Art-Net, Kling-Net and DMX communication, with on-board power and data linking.

CHAUVET® Professional’s popular Legend 230SR Beam moving head welcomes a new fixture to the Legend line, the Legend 330SR Spot, which offers outstanding performance and crisp, clear optics. Breathtakingly bright, the Legend 330 Spot is a class leader in output and gobo projection. Legend 330 Spot is quick and agile fixture with precise movement and an outstanding zoom range of 8° to 23°, making it a great choice for your touring rig, broadcast television show, or live event. Legend 330 Spot’s 330W Osram Sirius lamp gives the fixture a powerful punch of 29,940 lux at 5 meters and a field that makes even the most complicated gobo stunning.

Also joining the Legend line of moving heads is the Legend 412Z-LED, a powerful and versatile LED wash fixture with an outstanding zoom range of 8° to 33°, making it perfect for the gamut of applications across the entertainment industry from touring to broadcast. The Legend 412Z features twelve 15-watt quad color RGBW emitters with four zones of independent pixel mapping control, providing ultimate versatility in programming and use. Legend 412Z’s lightweight and road-worthy construction make it an excellent choice for rigs of any size and scope.

CHAUVET® Professional’s LED conventional series, the Ovation line, brings two new fixtures to the field, the Ovation F-95WW 6-inch Fresnel and Ovation C640FC LED cyc wash fixture. The Ovation line, which includes the Ovation F-165WW and Ovation E-190WW luminaires, is designed specifically for theater and stage. With an easily adjustable manual zoom, the Ovation F-95WW works exceptionally well with barn doors to aid in glare reduction and beam shaping. Knobs for local control of both dimming and zoom enable fast focus calls with or without a board-op. Selectable dimming curves make it compatible with older, traditional theater Fresnel lights. New to the field, the Ovation C640FC, Ovation’s LED cyc wash fixture, offers competition to the industry’s aging inventories of MR-16 strips and halogen cyc cells. The Ovation C-640FC can create any color in the gel books while consuming less power than traditional-style fixtures. It’s theatre-ready with 16-bit dimming control (of each color) as well as a master dimmer. Ovation C640FC offers a unique function called the Virtual Color Wheel, a DMX-selectable feature that runs through the gamut of most popular cyc and wash colors used in the industry.

Joining the Q-Series line of moving heads, CHAUVET® Professional Q-Wash 419Z-LED is a moving yoke wash using 19 quad-colored RGBW LEDs each at 15-watts, fitted for the production, touring, theatrical, installation and corporate rental markets. It produces a full range of bold saturated colors and variable whites. Built-in color macros and three individually controlled LED zones make for great visual effects. Q-Wash 419Z-LED is equipped with a smooth flicker-free dimming curve and a versatile 7- to 25-degree zoom, making it excellent for the demands of entertainment and installation production.

CHAUVET® Professional also brings to the 2013 LDI Show a new series of LED strobe fixtures, the intensely powerful and road-ready STRIKE series, with flagship products the STRIKE 324 and STRIKE 882 LED strobe units. STRIKE 324 combines the awesome power of 324 white SMD LEDs with a rugged cast fixture housing to create a road-worthy strobe for touring and production applications. A low profile, lightweight, and tough fixture body houses the 8-segment LED array. The larger unit in the series, the STRIKE 882 combines the power of 882 white SMD LEDs, also suited to the touring production and live events markets. Both STRIKE products were built with ease-of-use in mind, with 3 and 5-pin DMX connections and powerCON in and out for ultimate easy handling. The innovative All-On feature allows the STRIKE fixtures to be used as a flood light and audience blinder in addition to being a stellar strobe fixture.


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