Chauvet Professional To Feature Wider Array Of LED Video Panels At InfoComm 2014

LAS VEGAS –Three innovative LED panels with features targeted toward specific applications will be among the highlights of CHAUVET Professional’s display at InfoComm 2014, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 18-20. One of these products, the Clarity 6, is a 6.25mm pixel pitch RGB panel that combines superb visual quality and colors with tremendous value, energy efficiency and ease of installation.  It was designed expressly for nightclubs, theaters, convention centers, churches and other venues that want to construct large permanent video walls, without incurring high costs or complicated installation issues.

Another LED panel debuting at InfoComm, the ÉPIX Tile 2.0, makes it easy for lighting professionals to add high-quality pixel-mapping video content their designs – even if their technical experience is limited.  The newest member of CHAUVET Professional’s popular ÉPIX 2.0 LED display series, the ÉPIX Tile 2.0 is an 11.8 x 11.8 inch (300 x 300 mm) square unit that is compatible with all other products in this extremely user-friendly series.

The third LED panel introduction from CHAUVET Professional is the Next NXT1, a 48mm pixel pitch RGBW unit that’s ideal for concerts and touring. A “moving head” panel with a 540° pan and 270° tilt range, the Next NXT1 can create high-impact, sweeping visual effects that will draw in audiences in large arenas and concert venues.

This broad diversity of panels is being introduced by the company to meet the trend toward LED video integration into an ever-widening array of applications, explained CHAUVET Professional Senior Product Manager Ford Sellers. “LED screens have become an essential visual element today at all types of events and venues – from small corporate meetings, to nightclubs and churches of all sizes, to large sports arenas.  They’re being used indoors and outdoors, in permanent and temporary installations, in structures with varying physical specifications, and by individuals with different degrees of technical knowledge,” said Sellers.  “This is making it no longer viable for manufacturers to offer a one-size-fits-all LED screen – which is why we at CHAUVET Professional are taking a lead in designing more focused, specialized video display panels that offer features geared toward specific applications and user needs.”

Here is a closer look at CHAUVET Professional’s new LED video panel products, which can be seen at the company’s InfoComm Booth #N2646, which will be totally devoted to video. 

Clarity 6 – A lightweight modular indoor video wall system, the Clarity 6 features Tri-Color RGB black face SMD LEDs, a 6.25mm pixel pitch and 1,500-nit illuminance for sharp contrast, bright colors and high-resolution graphics.   Designed for permanent installations, the system delivers value without sacrificing performance by eliminating structural features that would be necessary for a touring video wall.  At the same time, the panels offer other features that enhance their value for permanent installations such as their larger dimensions, 39.4 x 20 inches (1000mm x 500mm) – twice the size of a 500mm x 500mm square touring panel. This saves time and money by allowing the use of half as many power suppliers and half as many receiver cards and other components compared to what would be required with a standard touring panel.

Plus, with the Clarity 6, users can quickly and easily construct large permanent video displays up to nearly 40 feet (12 m) high by stacking the panels vertically with CHAUVET Professional’s quick-install PVP rig kit (sold separately).  As another easy installation option, the panels include four M12 threaded holes in the corners to mount the panel securely to permanent structures. Equipped with Neutrik® etherCON® data connectors and Neutrik® powerCON® power ins/outs, the panels can be power-linked up to 12 units on a 20-amp circuit, eliminating the need for costly re-wiring work in many buildings and keeping energy bills low.

ÉPIX Tile 2.0 – The newest member of CHAUVET Professional’s easy-install ÉPIX 2.0 LED display series, the ÉPIX Tile 2.0 is an 11.8 x 11.8 inch (300 x 300 mm) square panel with a 25 mm pixel pitch, containing 160 Tri-Color RGB SMD LEDs.  It works seamlessly with other products in the ÉPIX 2.0 series (ÉPIX Strip 2.0, ÉPIX Bar 2.0 and ÉPIX Drive 642), which was designed provide a simple-to-use pixel mapping video solution -- even for those with limited technical knowledge.  Like the other members of the series, the ÉPIX Tile 2.0 is Art-Net™ and Kling-Net compatible, and it can be linked in multiples to set up full-color pixel mapping video displays near effortlessly in a matter of minutes. When used with Arkaos Media Master Express software (sold separately), ÉPIX panels become a turnkey video system that requires very little training to operate. Featuring a wide 120° viewing angle, and offering both clear and frosted filter options, the ÉPIX 2.0 series is ideal for creating exciting motion graphics displays.

Next NXT1 – Aimed at the touring and club markets, this “moving head” 48 mm pixel pitch RGBW video display panel features full 540° pan and 270° tilt rotation, exciting built-in programs and a variable strobe for creating stunning graphics and visual and aerial effects at concerts and productions. Containing 25 Quad-Color LEDs per panel, it provides smooth, vibrant color blending, with a color temperature range of 2,800K to 10,000K and total illuminance of 15,500 lux @ 5m.  Rugged and road-worthy, the Next NXT1 comes equipped with Neutrik® etherCON® data connectors and Neutrik® powerCON® power ins/outs, and offers flexible control options: DMX (10, 13, 23, 106 or 119 channel profiles); Art-Net (106 or 119 channels); and Kling-Net.

See all of the above video panels in action at CHAUVET Professional’s InfoComm Booth #N2646, which will be devoted to the company’s video products. Lighting products from CHAUVET Professional will be exhibited at a separate InfoComm Booth #C5856.

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