Chauvet Professional Expands EPIX 2.0 Pixel-Mapping LED Display Series

SUNRISE, Fla – CHAUVET Professional has expanded its easy-to-use ÉPIX 2.0 pixel-mapping LED display series with the introduction of the ÉPIX Tile 2.0.  Designed to work seamlessly with the other members of the popular ÉPIX 2.0 series, the new ÉPIX Tile 2.0 is a square-shaped 11.8 x 11.8 inch (300 x 300 mm) panel that contains 160 Tri-Color (red, green, blue) SMD LEDs. 

Featuring a 25mm pixel pitch, the ÉPIX Tile 2.0 boasts a high output (up to 3,290 nits), excellent color rendering and a wide 120° viewing angle, making it ideal for creating bright, bold, exciting motion graphics displays.  It can be easily linked with the linear fixtures in the ÉPIX 2.0 series (ÉPIX Strip 2.0 and ÉPIX Bar 2.0) to set up full-color pixel-mapping displays in a variety of sizes and configurations.

“Pixel-mapping displays are being used increasingly in visual design; one reason being that they are very camera-friendly, so a growing number of lighting designers are using them as set pieces for video applications,” said Anthony Chiappone, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional.  “Of course, pixel displays are also continuing to grow in popularity at live events and venues. CHAUVET Professional is committed to meeting this increasing demand by adding new pixel mapping-capable LED fixtures in a greater variety of configurations, which is why we came out with the ÉPIX Tile 2.0.

“This new square-shaped panel expands the possibilities for creating dazzling displays with our very user-friendly ÉPIX 2.0 series,” added Chiappone.  “The ÉPIX 2.0 series itself was designed to give lighting professionals of all levels of experience a fast, easy way to set up and operate pixel-mapping displays.”

Like the original ÉPIX 2.0 Series fixtures, the ÉPIX Tile 2.0 is operated via a convenient dedicated controller, the ÉPIX Drive 642 (sold separately), which utilizes industry standard Art-Net™ or Arkaos Kling-Net protocol. This Art-Net/Kling-Net compatibility is what makes the ÉPIX 2.0 Series a near-effortless pixel-mapping solution – even for those with limited technical knowledge. When used with Kling-Net protocol and Arkaos Media Master software (sold separately), ÉPIX 2.0 Series fixtures become—literally -- a turnkey “plug-and-play” system that allows even novices to build professional pixel-mapping displays in minutes.

Ideal for both the club/installation and touring/production markets, the ÉPIX Tile 2.0 is housed in a lightweight, rugged aluminum alloy material, providing a conveniently transportable pixel-mapping video system. Each tile weighs just 5.6 pounds (2.5 kg) and measures a compact 11.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 inches (300 x 300 x 117 mm).

To add to the panel’s versatility, two different lens covers are included with each ÉPIX Tile 2.0 unit. One is a frosted cover that produces a smooth transition between pixels; the other is a clear cover for high-contrast, high-impact visuals.

Another feature that makes it easy to build professional video displays with the ÉPIX 2.0 Series is CHAUVET Professional’s new hardware linking system.  The system allows all ÉPIX 2.0 fixtures to quickly and easily fasten to one another.  The ÉPIX Tile 2.0 allows linking in both the horizontal and vertical planes, enabling fast, effortless construction of complex looking arrays made with any ÉPIX 2.0 fixtures.

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