Chauvet® Professional COLORado™ Zoom Tour Is “News Anchor’s Friend”


Watertown, NY – “In television, it’s all about lighting,” says Jonathan Lipsy, especially if you’re talking about a news studio, and you want your anchors to look their best. That’s why Lipsy called upon 16 COLORado™ Zoom Tour par-style washes from CHAUVET® Professional to help him with a retrofit of the 60’ x 40’ news studio at WWNY-TV in upstate New York.

A local “institution” and the Nielsen news leader in its market, the 50-year-old WWNY wanted to use many of its existing energy efficient lights for its retrofit when Lipsy was called into the project. “This was a big remodeling job of the news studio, and some of the lights in the package that were there would not have been my first choice,” said Lipsy, a lighting designer with The Camera Company in Norwood, MA. “There was an issue with some of the backlights washing out the back of the anchors’ heads so they lost a lot of definition and didn’t give proper separation.”

Lipsy addressed this issue by positioning the 16 COLORado Zoom Tour fixtures at all five sets in the WWNY studio. “The COLORado Zoom Tours are working beautifully for backlighting and accent lighting on the sets,” said the LD. “We use them to highlight the brick walls and as separation light for the back of the news anchors’ heads. This makes the anchors behind the news desk look much more vibrant – the COLORados are very news anchor friendly!”

A successful commercial photographer in New York City before becoming an LD, Lipsy developed an appreciation for the importance of lighting in accenting the appearance of a subject. “Getting the lighting right is obviously critical, whether you’re talking about photography or video,” he said. “This is why the COLORado Zoom Tours were so important in this project. The set designer used color changers built in – we had to work with their RGB strands. It was our job to make sure that the accent lighting made the anchors stand out from the colorful background; and the Zoom Tours helped us do this by giving us a nice range of color temperatures – from 3,200K to 10,000K.”

Lipsy also credits the “four color technology and amazing dimming capabilities” of the COLORado Zoom Tour with helping him blend colors from different manufacturers. “It can be a challenge to blend colors from different brands of fixtures, but the Zoom Tours helped us a great deal,” he said. “The dimming capabilities were incredibly smooth.”

Another impressive feature of the COLORado Zoom Tour is its built-in color temperature pre-set. “WWNY is channel 7, so there’s a big Plexiglas 7 logo behind the main set,” said Lipsy. “We use the built-in preset feature to have different colored light hit the logo as news stories change to create a more engaging viewing experience. Television news is very visual, so if you want to reach people you really need tools like the COLORado Zoom Tour.”



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