Chaos Visual Productions At Six Flags Great America’s Biggest Event In Park History

BURBANK, CALIF.- JUNE 27, 2013- Chaos Visual Productions teams up with Six Flags Great America to premiere igNIGHT – Grand Finale, the biggest nighttime event spectacular in the Chicago park’s 37-year history. igNIGHT – Grand Finale is featured in the Hometown Square at park close and will continue it’s run, which began on June 15, until August 11. Chaos Visual supplies the cutting edge, high-definition technology that brings the visually entertaining production to life during its limited run at the park. 
     Damion Nelson, director of park operations/Six Flags Great America, and Fred Waldman, project manager/Chaos Visual Productions, work together to bring the biggest and most advanced show to Six Flags Great America. igNIGHT – Grand Finale takes the audience on an engaging journey with content produced by Nathan Murphy from Martin Brinkerhoff and Associates. The supporting video crew consists of Stephan Hambsch- d3 programmer/Chaos Visual Productions, Zach Haywood- d3 tech consultant/d3 Technologies, Justin Sykes- projectionist, and Ricky Wells- projectionist assistant. 
     The production features HD video mapping technology from two d3 control systems running on a new edition of R11 software. The architecturally mapped projection is displayed on a 71 ft. wide by 48 ft. high set that contains over thirty projection planes. Six Christie 20K projectors, four Image-Pros, and eight Matrix switchers add to the visual effects of the stunning production.
     Chaos Visual Productions, headquartered in Burbank, Calif., is an award-winning boutique video rental company in the live event industry. For further information on the show please visit the company website at