CAST launches The CAST Forum

CAST of Toronto, Canada, makers of the award-winning products wysiwyg, Vivien and BlackTrax, launches The CAST Forum at The Forum is open to everyone and aims to serve both CAST product users as well as the entire entertainment and event production community, it is not just about CAST products. Forum members can post projects, ask questions, get technical support from the community or just browse to see what others are doing. 

Remember, The Forum topics are about our industry. In fact, The Forum is meant to bring members together regarding everything from design and programming for lighting, multimedia, audio, to new technologies, to working in other countries, to sharing tricks of the trade, and leveraging each other’s knowledge and experiences.

The Forum, like any community, has myriad interests. Accordingly, there is a What’s New area, sections for posting articles, creating galleries of member’s images to display projects, upcoming events, plus practical Tips and Tricks. Members can also visit sub-categories relating to CAST products.

CAST President Gil Densham explains, “We want The Forum to focus on the important issues; the collaboration of creativity + artistry + technology, from the design process to execution  to wildly successful projects. This is not at all limited to large-scale projects. On the contrary, it’s the everyday productions with smaller budgets that often present the most interesting challenges which require brainstorming leading to clever solutions. The Forum will be the place where industry pros can share advice and experience.”

With the success of The Forum during its soft opening CAST has been astounded by the already engaging and interactive threads and posts that have been created by community members.  Topics range from asking advice from fellow industry peers to entire galleries posted of current projects.  Even pre-launch, new topics created by members went beyond CAST products to the community and in kind are answered and maintained by the community itself.

“This is a whole new level of interaction between industry leaders and members, between people and software, between people and technology. In all, a great place to talk about it…” said one member. 

That said, this level of interaction will aid future development of new features and improved functionality for CAST products. By design, interaction on The Forum is omnidirectional – meaning that it is not just between two parties but any number of parties representing Industry pros and/or Industry technologies. The Forum gives CAST the ability to also post development updates, gain feedback, interact closely with their BETA Testers and create a channel to showcase the highly coveted BlackTrax development and projects currently in the mix which is constantly evolving. Andrew Gordon, CAST - Marketing & Business Development, states “If the pre-launch is any indication, we are pleased to launch The Forum as the place to go for people in the know and who want to know. We believe it will quickly take on a life of its own.”

The CAST Forum is live now and promises to host a wealth of lively topics and conversation. The Forum is located at For more information on CAST, visit