Café Tacuba Closes Tour with Pointes in México

Ending their 2013 ‘El Objeto’ tour in style, well-known alternative rock Mexican band Café Tacuba played their last show of the year at the Palacio de los Deportes arena in Mexico City … for first time using 14 brand new Robe ROBIN Pointes, recently purchased by local rental company, Meridian Pro S.A de C.V.

The Pointes were located right behind the band forming a line upstage.

The band’s Producer Sergio Serrano - who also has his own lighting and video company, LED Project, in the same city - commented that they are always looking out for the newest products that will keep the company at the forefront of the latest technologies.

“I saw the Pointe and proposed we used these for the last show to the band’s German LD “Tiffy” Castellanos, who agreed and also really likes them. It’s a fixture far better than others available on the market … and that’s what we always look for – something that is different as well as the best. We’re already thinking of using Pointes for our next tour which is scheduled to begin in June,” he said.

In fact, Sergio is a Production Manager for several music groups and he and his company provide lighting design and equipment for numerous artists.

“I always go to USA to purchase fixtures, but the people at Vari Internacional, (Robe’s Mexican distributor) have treated me so well that I’m thinking about buying in Mexico for the first time! I’m very happy and I hope I’ll be able to use the Pointes at some major events”, he added.

Café Tacuba’s 2013 tour visited most Latin American countries including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile among others … as well as USA and Spain.

Picture copyright Fernando Aceves