September Issue Of Live Design Takes To The Greats

September Issue Of Live Design Takes To The Greats

The September issue of Live Design is now available for free download. The issue features a look at Hamilton, which has roared onto the Broadway stage, as well as the secret .party() at Los Angeles' LA Coliseum. We look at the design of the Criss Angel's The Supernaturalists and The Hypocrites' All Our Tragic. Live Design talks with rigger extraordinaire Tracy Nunnally and founder of Intendor Mats Karlsson. Find who's who/who's new at LDI 2015 and get a preview of products that will be at LDI. John Leonard reminisces on his living situations during various touring productions.

Also, download the issue and tap on the Blizzard Lighting ad to enter to win four Colorise™ Fixtures and an ANYFI wireless transmitter!

For iPad and iPhone, download the Live Design app for free from the Apple App Store. Search for Live Design.


For an Android tablet or smartphone, download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

After you download the app, look up the monthly issues of Live Design in your newsstand. 

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