Live Design May Issue Performs A Psychoanalysis

Live Design May Issue Performs A Psychoanalysis

Available for free download or as an interactive PDF, the May issue of Live Design undergoes a psychoanalysis of the design of Broadway musical, American Psycho. The issue also features a look at the lighting design for The Stephen Petronio Dance Company, Riverview Systems’ production design for Zimmer Biomet, the visual design for One Direction’s X-Factor performance, and the lighting design for 311 Day. Plus: Live Design presents achievement awards and Products of the Year and talks with lighting designers Eric Cathcart and Heather Gilbert.

For iPad and iPhone, download the Live Design app for free from the Apple App Store. Search for Live Design.


For an Android tablet or smartphone, download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

After you download the app, look up the monthly issues of Live Design in your newsstand.

Read the May 2016 issue as an interactive PDF. 

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