Upstage Video Releases “V-Tower Configurations” Video

Philadelphia, PA – June 6, 2016 Earlier this year, Upstage Video released a video on their blog introducing a new LED screen support system, the V-Tower. The new system offers a compact and sleek alternative to traditional truss and staging options for LED screens in the Live Events Industry. From the first video, viewers learned what the V-Tower was, where to use it and that it wasn’t developed to replace large LED screens, just open up new opportunities for smaller screens at live events. Upstage Video has now released its second V-Tower video called “V-Tower Configurations.” The purpose of the video is to accurately display the V-Tower’s capabilities and screen configuration options.

So, the next time an event producer needs an LED screen with a smaller footprint to display social media streams, event safety communications or the ever-so-popular image magnification at a live event, they can rest assure Upstage Video has the solution for them. So far, the V-Tower has been spotted at national sporting events, concerts and festivals, university commencement ceremonies and even corporate events including trade shows and experiential brand activations.

The uses are endless are so are the configurations. The V-tower is able to support a variety of LED pixel pitches and designs including the infamous “Skinny,” “Double Skinny,” “Box” and “Bigger Box” configurations. “A live event can be a complicated beast to tame and when it came to the developing a list of names for our new invention, we wanted to make them as un-complicated as possible with a trace of humor,” says Geza Divenyi, General Manager of Upstage Video. A total of 11 configurations of the V-Tower are detailed throughout the video.

The V-Tower is available now! For more information, check out the V-Tower Configurations video here.

UPSTAGE VIDEO is the nation’s premiere LED screen provider specializing in modular video screen solutions of all sizes, mobile video trailers and trucks and multi-camera production.  Their screens can be seen at some of the nation’s biggest events including NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games, political and corporate events, major concerts and festivals, and countless other events. Upstage Video believes that it is their people and practices that make them a standout in the event industry and strives to be “the best in their field, with the best people and the best technology the world has to offer.”