Pixelwix Simpod and Motion GT at Infocomm

Pixelwix Simpod and Motion GT at Infocomm

Pixelwix Unveils New Motion GT Platform At Infocomm

Appearing for the first time at Infocomm 2015 the Pixelwix SimPod with Pixelwix Motion GT Racing Simulator. People were lining up around the hall for this amazing experience  

Pixelwix SimPod is 7ft in Diameter and 7 ft tall. It delivers a 4 foot view height with 180 degrees of view. The blacked out ceiling and curtained doors provide a truly immersive environment.

The Motion GT Racing Simulator Platform along with the Pixelwix SimPod makes you feel like you are on a real racetrack.  Feel every movement and bump in the road and become immersed in this exhilerating experience. See for yourself here.

Contact www.pixelwix.com for more information

TAGS: Projection
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