Pixelwix Target Training Software

Pixelwix Launches IR Application and Firearms Target Training Software

Pixelwix IR is a software application for dry-fire infrared laser firearms simulation, hit detection or any application that requires fast feedback of laser IR to mouse location on a projected flat or curved screen. Practice speed and accuracy using this target training software. Feel as though you are at the firing range with this realistic training application. The sound of your gunshot will make you think you are shooting live rounds. Practice seated or moving target practice.

Pixelwix IR Application Software works with any software application which uses a left or right mouse click for activation or can read UDP streams. It allows for easy integration with your own or proprietory software applications without the need for additional coding.


  • Single or multiple cameras can be used with sync
  • Various camera mounting orientations allowed.
  • Low latency
  • Screen mapping is by IR camera and AutoBlend which exports data for both Pixelwix IR and Pixelwarp warp and blend software.
  • Works with flat or curved projection screens or printed objects.


Pixelwix Target Training Software is unlike any other! Incredible realism makes you feel like you are at the range but with more freedom for advanced firearms training.  Practice shooting from different positions or while moving. Test your speed and accuracy against other shooters. The whole setup including Screen, firearm, IR Camera and software is available for minimum outlay. Watch the video here


  • Features:
  • Realistic sound which changes on what surface you hit and how you hit it
  • Realistic bullet holes which remain to show you how you are progressing
  • Works on curved of flat screens
  • Easy and fun to use for both amateur and professional shooters
  • Multiple game levels get more challenging as game progresses with moving targets

Contact Pixelwix.com for more information 727-234-0113



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