Le Maitre celebrates 40th anniversary

Le Maitre Adds New Products To Its Pyrotechnics Range

Le Maitre adds Ice Fountain, Large Scale Comets and New Multi Shot products to its pyrotechnics range.

Le Maitre has added various new products to its extensive range of pyrotechnics.

Multi Shot Products

The Multi Shot pyrotechnics consist of 10 effects fired from a single board with one integral igniter. The 10 effects are fired one after another, over a duration of 10 seconds. New products added to this range include 20-30ft Multi Shot Mines, 60ft Multi Shot Mines, 30ft Multi Shot Tracer Comets and 100-150ft Multi Shot Comets.

They are available in a wide range of colours, both with or without a tail.

VS Ice Fountains

The new Ice Fountains produce a small but brightly coloured flame with a spray of sparks. With a duration of 30 seconds, the effect is small enough to be fired whilst held by hand, or can be concealed inside a cake or floral table arrangements. They are part of Le Maitre’s Virtually Smokeless range of products which produce extremely intense colours with virtually no smoke.

They are available in plain, white, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and green.

100ft, 125ft and 150ft Comets

Already available in various heights from 20ft to 60ft, Le Maitre has now introduced a range of Large Scale Comets. A single brightly coloured star is projected to the specified height, with or without a sparkling titanium tail. There is also a 'matrix comet' option which adds a flitter or crackle effect to the comet, in addition to the chosen colour.

They are available in blue, flitter, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.

Large Gold Glitter and Large Silver Glitter Waterfalls

The Gold Glitter and Silver Glitter Waterfalls emit a stream of gold or silver glittering sparks, which fall gently down for a duration of 10 seconds. The bulk of the Waterfall reaches around 12-15ft, with a maximum drop distance of 20ft.

Already available in a standard size, these larger effects have been added to the range.

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