Easton Corbin 2017

Easton Corbin Takes Bandit Lites On The Road

Country music singer Easton Corbin is on tour with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – American country singer Easton Corbin has spent the majority of 2017 performing his hits such as “Girl Like You” and “A Little More Country Than That” to audiences across the country. The Academy of Country Music Award winner is currently on tour with a lighting package from Bandit Lites that compliments his lively sound.

Lighting Director Tanner Peterson took ahold of the advice of lighting designer Andy Knighton, who said, “Make it big, but keep it simple.”

“Andy knew I was coming out of a rock-n-roll background,” Peterson explained. “He told me to create some big power looks, small movements and big hits. Easton is more of a classical country artist and the lighting needed to reflect his style and personality.”

With the challenge to create a rig that packs a punch while still fitting into ten feet of truck space, Bandit’s solution involved mounting GLP X4S and GRNLite Pars inside Bandit’s GoGo Truss, eliminating the need for extra cases and saving valuable pack space.

“We flipped the remaining cases on end and put the towers on load bars, which allows us to fit our set, lighting, backline and audio all in one truck,” Peterson said. 

Bandit Lites supplied Chauvet Legend 230SR Beams, GRNLite Moving Washes, GLP X4S, GRNLite Par 64s, and a grand MA 1 Full console and grand MA 1 Lite console for control.

“The GLP X4S packs a punch,” said Peterson. “It is bright and it provides a wide range of colors, from deep saturates to vibrant pastels, while its 7:1 zoom ratio gives me the ability to use the fixture for a wide spectrum of affects, from beamy aerials powerful washes. The Chauvet Legend 230SR is extremely bright and punchy and provides a broad selection of colors on the color wheel and its 8-facet prism allows me to break up the beam to match the mood during ballads and slower songs.”

Bandit’s exclusive LED GRNLite moving washes supply a bright, colorful full-stage wash while the GRNLite Pars are used as truss toners, implementing another layer of depth to the stage. GRNLite washes light the band and the Vegas-style marquee set pieces, with all 1,200 incandescent bulbs are controlled by the ETC CEM+ 24-way dimmer.

“This year we offered to overhaul and upgrade the existing design as the production and venues grew,” said Bandit Vice President Mike Golden. “We have an incredible relationship with the management team and everyone came together to really take this show to the next level with special thanks to the Manager Trey Turner and Production Manager Benny Durham.”

Peterson specifically praised the support he receives on the road as part of the exemplary service he experiences working with Bandit.

“I have worked with many companies, but never with one as responsive as Bandit,” Peterson said. “It doesn't matter the time of day, or what holiday it is, my phone call or email is always answered immediately and I always know a solution is on its way.”

About Bandit Lites, Inc.

Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace.  From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. Bandit’s global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you.  More information available at www.BanditLites.com

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