Bonnaroo Tower

Bandit Lites Utilizes SGM G-Spots For Bonnaroo Tower

Bandit Lites provided the lighting for the iconic Bonnaroo structure including SGM G-Spots.

MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE – Whether it was someone’s first or tenth trip to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, one of the mainstays of the epic four day weekend was the huge mirror ball tower acting as the hub of the festival. Working with Lighting Designer Andi Watson and Production Manager William Irons, Bandit Lites once again provided the lighting for the tower with this year’s gear featuring the award-winning SGM G-Spot fixtures.     

The iconic focal point of Bonnaroo, the large rotating mirror ball on top of the tower, is actually a permanent structure that serves as a North Star of sorts to the festival attendees, allowing them to navigate more easily through the 700 acre field known as “The Farm”, in addition to providing a home for the communication antennae for radio, internet and more.

The tower was perfectly illuminated enduring even in the harshest elemental exposure thanks to  the G-Spot’s high-power, RGBY LED light source, its IP65-rating and its built-in dehumidifier technology eliminating any accumulation of dust or externally induced impact on internal optics, gobos or the light source unit.

“The SGM fixtures are well suited for the harsh environment, being IP65 rated and having an LED source,” said Bandit Project Manager Gene Brian.

The bright and saturated colors gave the tower an eye catching and easily identifiable look that was seen by the many festival attendees.

The G-Spot beamed colorful light  all the way up the eleven story tower, a feat that Bandit’s Wayne Lotoza noted as the perfect use, saying, “They were big, they were bright, and just the right light to illuminate the tower on every Bonnaroo night.”  

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