Brickhouse Rigging Revolution Continues

March 31, 2014, Winona, MN – Have you joined the revolution?
The revolutionary Brickhouse® Front Loading Counterweight Arbor System from Thern
Stage Equipment is gaining in popularity as consultants and stage managers across the
theatre world continue to discover the benefits and express their interest.
Brickhouse arbors, which dramatically improve brick loading and security over traditional
rod arbors, were installed at around 20 venues throughout North America and Europe as
part of renovation and new construction projects during 2013, demonstrating the positive
reception and demand the product has received from the theatre market.
And the orders keep coming in.
“The Brickhouse arbor is a major advancement in counterweight arbor technology”, said
Sam Michael, Project Manager with TSE. “The design improvements and operational
benefits that this new design delivers are immediately recognized and appreciated by
theatre professionals.”
The Brickhouse System not only provides improved operational security and ease of use
for stage workers, but also benefits equipment and accessories. The companion Brickhouse
Rope Lock dramatically reduces the wear on rigging lines through the innovative design
that bends the rope instead of crimping it like conventional locking cam style rope locks,
extending the working life of equipment and lines alike.
“Brickhouse should absolutely be in the conversation for new theatre construction or any
venue planning renovation”, said Michael. “This new system is state-of-the-art.”
For a project quotation or additional information concerning the Brickhouse System or any
TSE products, contact TSE at 800.553.2204 or visit us on the web at