Boom Entertainment Sets The Bar High For High School Dances With Elation Lighting Effects

In recent years the high school dance has been transformed from a DJ with a few blinky lights to a full blow concert experience and in the Chicago area much of the credit can be given to event production company BOOM Entertainment and their vast inventory of Elation lighting gear. BOOM’s “High School Invasion Tour” for example, now in its 14th season, turns Homecoming, Winter and Prom dances into a concert-grade atmosphere.

BOOM Entertainment began creating amazing light show productions using Elation gear in 2001 and today has over 120 Elation lighting fixtures in their inventory. BOOM uses Razor Q7 and Design Wash Pro LED moving heads, CuePix Strip Tri and CuePix Panel LED blinders and strip lights, EPar Tri and Opti Quad Par color changing lights, as well as Platinum Spot 5R discharge moving heads to convert gyms and other spaces into first-rate party venues. Purchased through GC Pro and FDW Corporation, BOOM also uses their Elation gear for corporate events, weddings and other social events.

“We have used every major brand of lighting out there and we choose Elation because of its dependability, versatility and price point,” says Zach Moss, VP of Marketing & New Media at BOOM Entertainment. “We use our equipment 48 out of 52 weeks a year and it’s handled by different teams of people day in and out. Reliability is something we depend on because when we are down equipment it can cause more headaches than it is worth. Out of our 120+ fixtures we have only had an issue with two and Elation’s service department took care of the problem immediately. We appreciate the service department’s continued support, also when we have technical questions.” 

On high school dances the Elation fixtures can be found virtually everywhere - main rig, DJ booth and VIP areas, as well as uplighting of the interior and exterior of the buildings. The fixtures are even incorporated into pep assemblies leading up to the dance. “We need our inventory to be versatile because at each event the light may get used in a different way,” Zach explains. “For example, fixtures like the CuePix Panels and CuePix Strips have been used for uplighting, room wash, stage blinders, DJ booths, scrolling text and more at events.” BOOM maintains a full in-house creative team with rigs designed by Christopher Merriman and Matthew Grinko, as well as BOOM CEO/Founder Jordan Neuhauser and BOOM Production Manager Jordan Yeo.
BOOM will cover 27 different high school Homecoming dances across the Chicago area this Homecoming season, which begins in September and lasts through October, creating lasting memories for over 50,000 students.

About Boom Entertainment
BOOM Entertainment, founded by Jordan Neuhauser in 2000 is a next generation special event company; from concept to completion we take your needs, wants and wishes and turn that into reality.  We understand no two venues are alike but with our elite Boom crew we will help you transform any space any time utilizing the latest in décor and technology.  From social events to corporate and everything in between, we complete your vision and create an experience of a lifetime for you and your guests.

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