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Brian MacDevitt, guest blogger, Broadway Lighting Master Classes

I love it. I've got to tell you, last year when I did my talk, and this year as well, it makes me feel really useful, when people react and you feel they are learning something, and they get what you are doing. As a result of this last year, I got a phone call from Cindy Limauro from Carnegie Mellon who said, "I am at the BLMC, and we are looking for a professor." Inspired by the Master Classes, I realized I am really missing teaching. Ten years of my life could pass, and I'd love what I was doing and if I got to do Speed The Plow again on Broadway, I'd be happy and delighted, but feel I was missing something. So, I followed up on the invitation to interview at Carnegie and started answering other job searches as well. The University of Maryland was on a shorter schedule to make a decision, and I felt it was a better fit in terms of continuing the NY design thing. I liked their program, and they have all professional designers on the staff, many who work in Washington, DC, and regionally. I start in September, but I'll definitely be back at the Classes next year if I'm invited.

--Brian MacDevitt, lighting designer

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