Biggest Blue Madness to Date Lit by Bandit Lites

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – The University of Kentucky celebrated its award winning basketball program with its annual spectacular, Big Blue Madness at Rupp Arena. Bandit Lites provided the lighting for the incredible affair, which by all accounts topped the previous years’ celebrations.

Stunts included fireworks, illusions, and a suspended screen above the sold out court. Basketball royalty watched and listened as Kentucky’s John Calipari exclaimed, “We don’t play college basketball. We are college basketball!”

Award-winning lighting designer Aaron Swetland worked with Bandit Lites to provide a massive design that would both fill the arena, light the basketball game and look phenomenal on television.

“Rupp Arena is a good size arena, so in order to make everyone feel a part of the action, you have to fill the space,” explained Swetland. “The finished product went out on television for millions to watch, so we also wanted to create a look that was consistent.”

The aerial design consisted of a pair of chevrons with the points pointing towards the center of the court. Along the sides were two pairs of straight truss with MAC 2ks dedicated to lighting the basketball game.

Additional equipment included MAC 300, VL 3000 spots, VL 2500 spots, Clay Paky Sharpys, GRN Par 64s, GRNLite moving washes and two Grand MA 1 full consoles.

Preproduction support came from Bandit’s business development officer, Brent Barrett. Shawn Lear provided support as project manager, while Craig Richter was on site as board director and assistant programmer.

“Big Blue Madness is an event that Bandit looks forward to each year, and one that we are appreciative and proud to be a part of.  Bob Stoops (Technical Services Manager for Lexington Center Corporation) is one of the true professionals in our business and has put together a world class production team for Big Blue Madness. He is both a gentleman and a pleasure with which to do business.”

“A big thanks to Bob Stoops and the entire UK athletic department,” added Swetland. “Bob has been a huge part of making this event incredible and the entire department has been fantastic to work with.”

Photo credit: Tim Webb, Special to the Courier-Journal.

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