Bandit Tours with Rodney Atkins

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE- Country star Rodney Atkins is on the road bringing his rocking country sound to venues across the United States. Bandit Lites is providing the lighting package to the ACM award winner.

Created by Dizzy Gosnell, and programmed by Craig Richter, Atkins’ lighting rig consists of Clay Paky Sharpys, VL 2500 spots, PixelLine 1044s and Bandit GRN Moving Washes and GRN 8 Lights. Additional equipment includes a Grand MA full console.

Recently, lighting director Jeff O’Hehir was tasked to find the best fixture to light the new backdrop, which is backlit. O’Hehir spent time at Venue One, Bandit’s spacious rehearsal and programming suites, where he was able to hang the entire rig and test different fixtures.

“Picking the proper fixture to fully light the white behind was… interesting,” laughed Jeff. “But when I found out this client was coming to Bandit, I was very happy.”

“From the initial discussions with Sean Murray (RELAY Productions) followed by getting to know and work with Daryl Bentfield (Tour Manager) and Jeff Hawkins (Production Manager / FOH) and Jeff O’Hehir (Lighting Director), it all has truly been a pleasure,” said Bandit’s Chief Business Officer, Brent Barrett.  “I am looking very forward to the opportunity to further develop these relationships!”

“The last company we had was not as experienced or seasoned,” added O’Hehir, “so when I heard it was Bandit, I knew everything would be right. Any time I’ve ran into Bandit rigs I know things are done consistently and right. Even when I have been out with other groups coming in as opening acts, and I hear the act has Bandit I’m like, ‘Cool!’ The guys are all very knowledgeable, whether in the shop or on the tour. Easy to get along with and pitch in where they can to make the day any easier. It is always a pleasure to work with Bandit.”

About Bandit Lites, Inc.

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