AT&T Stadium to Be Transformed into NCAA Men’s Final Four 2014 Basketball Arena

MINNEAPOLIS, March 19, 2014,— Minneapolis staging manufacturer, Staging Concepts will partner with The Colonnade Group, an entertainment and sports production company,  to transform AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas into a full functioning basketball arena for the 2014 NCAA Final Four Championship Game. The transformation will start March 20 and take approximately 10 days to complete.

Bringing in over 6,000 staging platforms spanning over 106,000 square-feet, Staging Concepts and The Colonnade Group will create one of the world’s largest portable seating risers, expanding stadium seating and the fan experience for the NCAA Final Four tournament.  Along with the massive seating riser, Staging Concepts and The Colonnade Group will also be elevating the basketball court to improve sightlines for over 70,000 basketball fans.

“Transforming an NFL stadium into a basketball arena requires a tremendous amount of planning and coordination between several organizations, including Staging Concepts and Colonnade Group. Our design and engineering team customize the seating riser for each arena, ensuring we maximize the fan experience,” said Bob Randall, Staging Concepts Vice President. “Our project management and sales team collaborate with Colonnade Group months in advance to make sure the quick and customized set-up is completed on time and meets the high standards of the NCAA Final Four.”

 Home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, the AT&T Stadium is the world’s largest column-free interior stadium and has the largest domed roof in the world, making it a perfect host for the NCAA Final Four Championship Game. Starting in 2008, Staging Concepts and The Colonnade Group has transformed numerous football stadiums into basketball arenas for the NCAA Regionals and Championship games including  host stadiums in Houston, Detroit, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Atlanta and now Arlington, TX.

“Since the NCAA transitioned to full-scale stadium setups in 2008, the court was set in the center of the stadium instead of being placed in one end zone,” said Travis Raida, Staging Concepts Design Engineer. “Year after year, we’ve been honored to partner with the NCAA to provide a unique and exciting experience for everyone.”

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