Adlib Appointed As UK Distributor Of Coda Audio ViRAY

Liverpool based Adlib’s Sales division has been appointed a UK distributor for Coda Audio’s ViRAY and TiRAY product ranges.

The audio rental specialist and technical solutions provider has backed and invested heavily in the German owned Coda brand since its launch, and was an early adopter of  Coda’s large and medium format line arrays for its rental stock. 

Adlib was also instrumental in shaping the ViRAY series, brought to the market in late 2012. Their team worked closely alongside Coda’s R&D and technical departments during the Beta testing program for the product, adding knowledge and expertise.

This helped ensure that the product was road-ready for the touring, practical to rig and transport as well as a highly versatile system that sounds fantastic in multiple applications.

Becoming a distribution partner is the next logical step in cementing an already highly productive relationship between the two companies.

John Hughes of Adlib Sales comments, “We are really looking forward to further developing our great relationship with Coda and providing our own ViRAY sales and support team matching the standards of excellence for which both companies are known”.

Paul Ward of Anderson Ward Consulting, the company engaged by Coda to develop its brand strategy and set up its worldwide distribution network comments, says, “Adlib has a vast fund of application knowledge which can be shared with other potential (ViRAY) users as well as a first class sales and support team”.

For Adlib’s Director Dave Kay, “It is Coda’s fresh and innovative approach and their development of new transducer technologies that turned our heads the first time we heard it. For example, the high frequency drivers use annular ring diaphragms to eradicate in band cancellations within the drivers and produce a coherent planar wave front at source and the subwoofers are sensor controlled… there are a lot more loudspeaker fundamentals that they have perfected under the hood.

“It is always better to fix a problem at the source rather than trying to fix it with EQ and processing after the sound has been created and this is very evident when you listen to the systems. It makes you question what you are used to hearing and for this reason we were keen to become a distributor.”

“The leaps that Coda are making with the technology and optimizing transducer efficiency are really impressive and very exciting,” continues Kay, adding that the new Linus range of amplifiers and DSP use IIR and phase linear FIR filters, which results in a very phase linear loudspeaker system across the majority of the operating frequencies and adds a whole new dimension to aligning sound from multiple (and different) loudspeaker sources.

“There is something unique in every part of the system that’s proprietary to Coda,” concludes Kay, underling that a combination of all this has created a very versatile system designed with “Foresight, intelligence and a real appreciation of audio fundamentals to create the best audio with no compromises”.

Adlib’s Coda ViRAY has been out on numerous recent tours including Ellie Goulding, Del Amitri and comedian Jack Whitehall, and they have also installed Coda into several high profile venues including Manchester Velodrome and BMX Centre.

Adlib will have a stand at the upcoming PLASA Focus exhibition in Leeds at the end of April which will be dedicated to Coda ViRAY, and another goal having taken on the distributorship is to develop a UK rental network for the series.

PLASA Focus will be followed by a Coda ViRAY demonstration day on the 15th May at Adlib’s premises in Liverpool. Anyone interested in this should contact Adlib on [email protected]