ADJ WiFLY Cut Loose Video Contest ADJ Offers Chance To Win WiFLY Wireless Package

LOS ANGELES– (For Immediate Release) – ADJ is promoting its new WiFLY Series of wireless DMX controllable products with the slogan “Creativity Cut Loose.” In keeping with that spirit, the company is sponsoring theADJ WiFLY Cut Loose Video Contest that invites DJs around the world to let their inner muses run wild and share their ideas on how they will use wireless DMX lighting to make their lightshows more exciting -- and their jobs as DJs easier. 

In the videos they submit, DJs can talk about how a wireless system will free them from having to deal with cables, and why that matters. DJs can also use their video entries to discuss some of the new ways they plan to use lighting when they don’t have to worry about power outlets; or they can hold forth on how they would use DMX wireless control to create a better lightshow.  DJs can also cover just about any other topic they choose in their contest video.

“The whole spirit behind the video contest, and the WiFLY Series is to free the creativity of DJs from the restrictions imposed by DMX cables and power cords,” said Brian Dowdle, ADJ Director of Marketing.  “We know the WiFLY Series does a lot of good things for DJs, so they should have fun coming up with good videos.”

Aside from having fun, DJs who enter the contest can win some exciting prizes. The grand prize is 1x (one) ADJ WiFLY RGBW8C Controller (with built-in WiFLY), 2x (two) WiFLY Bar QA5 LED Linear Fixtures, and 2x (two) WiFLY Par QA5 LED Par Fixtures. The second prize is 1x (one) WiFLY Transceiver, and 2x (two) WiFLY Bar RGBA 1-meter Linear Fixtures. The third prize is 1x (one) WiFLY Transceiver, and 2x (two) WiFLY Bar QA5 LED Linear Fixtures. The fourth prize is 2x (two) WiFLY Transceivers, and 1x (one) WiFLY Par QA5 LED Par Fixture. The fifth prize is 2x (two) WiFLY Transceivers.

Entering the contest is about as simple as operating one of ADJ’s new WiFLY units. DJs just need to submit a video of 5 minutes or shorter as a video response to ADJ “contest master” Brian S. Redd’s contest video on YouTube by the deadline, which is 5 pm Pacific Time Sunday, June 30. (

Videos can be humorous, educational or just about anything else. They will be judged by originality and quality of content. DJs do not need a WiFLY unit or any other wireless product to enter they contest; they can simply create a video of themselves talking about how they would use wireless products and include any props they wish.

All videos must be submitted through the Brian S. Redd You Tube Channel before the June 30 deadline to be considered.  Videos that contain lewd, insensitive or offensive material will be eliminated from consideration. Click here for official rules, terms and conditions.

“We’re very excited about the release of the WiFLY Series and its potential to unleash the creativity of DJs, so we think this video contest is a good, fun way to celebrate.  We always enjoy these video contests and so do our customers – and having fun is what ADJ and DJing are all about, so we invite everyone to participate. The contest is global so you can enter regardless of where you live,” said Dowdle.

For more information, about the WiFLY Series go to For more information about the contest, contact Jennifer Ramirez at Fucini Productions – [email protected], 248-987-6221.

Click here for the official contest rules: