ADJ Battery-Powered Mega GO Par64 RGBA & Jelly GO Par64 RGBA

LOS ANGELES —(For Immediate Release)– Now lighting users can create intensely colorful wall and stage washes without having to worry about the constraints of power connections. ADJ’s new cordless Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA are Quad LED color-mixing Par 64 fixtures that run on a rechargeable lithium battery, giving lighting users the freedom to produce intensely bright stage and wall washes anywhere they choose.

Both the Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA use 177 long-life 10mm LEDs — 36 Red, 54 Green, 53 Blue and 34 Amber — to create rich, smoothly blended colors and ultra-bright washes. With their amber LEDs, both fixtures are even capable of producing desirable but hard-to-create yellow, gold and orange hues.

You can set up these highly portable Par Cans anywhere, regardless of your proximity to electrical outlets, and their trusty internal lithium battery will hold enough charge for up to 8 hours of full-on use.

Virtually identical fixtures, the difference between the Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA is in their case design. The Mega GO Par64 RGBA comes in a standard black case, while the Jelly GO Par64 RGBA features ADJ’s exclusive “Jelly-style” glowing transparent case – a colorful effect in itself.

The Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA are the latest additions to ADJ’s Go Series of “unplugged” lighting fixtures. Even though they’re cordless, these fixtures produce a brilliant output and intense colors that easily match those created by much bulkier corded LED fixtures.

“Being free from the constraints of electrical outlets gives you more creativity and flexibility in your lighting designs,” said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ. “That’s why our battery-powered Go Series has been such a huge success. Now, with the Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA, we’ve brought the convenience of cordless operation to a Quad LED color-blending Par Can with a 30-degree beam angle. And just because it’s battery-operated doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice power — DJs and mobile entertainers will be amazed at the intensity and brightness.”

Designed to accommodate a variety of applications, the Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA offer users numerous control options. They can be run in 5 operational modes: Auto (Program Run), Sound Active, RGBA Dimmer, Static Color, and DMX-512 (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 channels). DMX addressing can easily be changed using the unit’s built-in 4-button LED display or via a standard DMX controller. In Auto and Sound Active modes, the Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA will create their own lightshow via 47 built-in Color Macros — an amazing number for any LED Par Can. For the ultimate in user convenience, these go-anywhere fixtures can also be operated remotely using ADJ’s RFC Wireless Remote Control (sold separately) at a distance of up to 30 feet (10 meters).

Multiple Mega GO Par64 RGBA units and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA can be linked via 3-pin XLR cable for an extra-wide wash effect. They include IEC AC inputs/outputs on the rear panel to daisy chain power from one unit to the next.

The Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA measure up to comparable plug-in LED fixtures when it comes to professional features as well. They are capable of fast or slow color changes, LED pulse and strobe effects, 0–100% electronic dimming and flicker-free operation. Maintenance-free and cool-running, the units’ LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours and draw just 22 watts at maximum use. The energy-efficient par cans also offer multi-voltage operation: AC 100V–240V, 50/60Hz. And, since they require no duty cycles, they can run all night without overheating.

Each weighing just 5 lbs. (2.2kg), the Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBA offer the ultimate in mobility for DJs and lighting designers. They measures 10.5"L x 10.25"W x 4.5"H (262 x 260 x 110mm). Both units feature a dual-yoke mounting system, which allows them to be securely hung on truss, mounted on a wall or placed on the ground.

The MSRP of the Mega GO Par64 RGBA is $349.95. The MSRP of the Jelly GO Par64 RGBA is $279.95.

Click the link below to see the Mega GO Par64 RGBA and Jelly GO Par64 RGBAin action!

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