A.C.T Lighting Approved For Membership In Con Ed's Market Partner Program

A.C.T Lighting, Inc. has been named a member of the Con Edison Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Market Partner Program.  The program, piloted by the utility's Green Team brand, benefits A.C.T Lighting and its customers as its members participate in protecting the environment.  It directly relates to the GDS ArcSystem of auditorium, retail and commercial LED lighting for which A.C.T Lighting is the exclusive distributor in North America.
The Market Partner Network is comprised of contractors, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers of energy efficient equipment.  It also includes skilled professionals such as architects, engineers and energy consultants who assist Con Edison commercial and industrial customers in meeting their energy savings goals. 
Partners receive numerous advantages from the program, including the potential to broaden their customer base and increase sales.  One of the primary benefits is the financial incentives offered by Con Edison to replace less efficient incandescent, T12 fluorescent and standard metal halide technologies with energy efficient alternatives such as LED lighting.
"We discovered ConEd's Market Partner program at a recent global energy conservation trade show we attended," says Chris Patton, systems specialist at A.C.T Lighting.  "We were impressed by the financial incentives offered to those who want to implement energy efficient measures.  We are very happy to have been accepted into the program.  Now, when an interested party like a theater or entertainment venue contacts Con Edison for energy efficient lighting solutions the utility can refer them to us and our GDS ArcSystem."
Designed as an LED lighting system for new and retrofit applications, the UK-made ArcSystem is available in a range of configurations that serve as truly viable replacements for traditional incandescent sources.  With a CRI in excess of 90, the ArcSystem produces an incredibly rich, warm light.  It offers extremely smooth dimming from 100 to zero - a feature that's hard to find in LED fixtures.  The system can also be operated wirelessly for easy installation in existing buildings without the need for rewiring with control cable.
"The ArcSystem has been in production for over two years and has hundreds of completed installations worldwide, including many in the U.S.," notes Patton.  "The ArcSystem has just received UL 924 approval for the dual input, emergency version of its fixtures.  That's particularly important for venues looking for an all-in-one solution since it's now possible to use a fully-listed house light product for both main house lighting and emergency lighting."
Patton says that A.C.T Lighting is "confident that our acceptance into Con Edison's Market Partner program will help us promote the ArcSystem's exciting, green energy alternative to theaters and other entertainment venues in the New York metropolitan area."
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